Andi Wardrop Films was born out of creative risk and continues to seek relationships built on client trust and a willingness to explore creative and artistic possibility.

Above all, we value; proactive communication, brand clarity, reliability, responsiveness, and empathy. We commit to doing what we promised and to communicate clearly around project deadlines and delivery standards. We strive to understand your story fully and to use our films to uplift your business, brand or ideas.

We promise to capture but not take.


ANDI WARDROP lead cinematographer + editor

Passionate story teller and filmmaker, Andi blends a documentary and artistic approach to all her content creation projects. Telling the stories of brands like Dakine, GoPro, Chilliwack Tourism, Vans and more, Andi pushes the limits of creative and artistic possibility


LAUREN RYAN marketing + design / cinematographer

Branding and marketing specialists, Lauren works closely with start-ups to design a strategy that will reach the intended audience. She has successfully managed campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, Design Hotels, and Analog Coffee Roasters and has developed brand assets that bring continuous income back to businesses.